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What is collagen and why is it important to our body?

Humans have the highest concentration of collagen in their bodies. Tendons, ligaments, fascia, bones, skin, blood vessels, hair, and nails are all made up of collagen. The lack of collagen can result in painful joints, swollen tendons, and a reduced ability to heal wounds.

Collagen serves as the framework for the tissues that comprise organs. It is a very important type of protein. Collagen is also an important component of our largest organ, the skin, as well as bones. It is also found in the majority of tendons and cartilage. Collagen is also found in the formation of nails, hair, muscles, and teeth.

What kind of collagen is in Freezeceutics' supplement?

The marine collagen used in Freezeceutics collagen supplements is made from type 1 collagen. FC collagen peptide is made entirely from fish scales.

How does the collagen supplement from Freezeceutics work?

When you start taking collagen supplements, you're giving your body a boost of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and collagen molecules. Your body then absorbs it and distributes it throughout the body's systems, where it forms new collagen and works its magic.

Does collagen only have cosmetic benefits?

Collagen supplements are not just for cosmetic use; they supplement all major organs of our body that require collagen to strengthen and hold together. It helps with faster regeneration of wounds, strengthening of joints and is an excellent supplement for athletes, body builders and health-conscious people. It helps rebuild and heal muscles, tendons, and joints. It helps in hair growth as well as the strengthening of nails.

When can we start taking Freezeceutics collagen?

The depletion of skin collagen can start in the late twenties. We lose about 1.5% of the skin’s collagen every year. The loss is higher with added factors like sun exposure, smoking, pollution, blue light exposure, and long-term stress. It is recommended to start taking collagen as early as 18 years old as a preventive measure and in your late twenties and thirties for overall strengthening.

How long should one take Freezeceutics collagen to see changes?

Every individual body is different, and every body’s ability to absorb nutrients and supplements is different. However, with a minimum of 30 days of daily use of Freezeceutics, we observed noticeable improvements in skin firmness, elasticity, and texture, as well as reduced wrinkle width and pigmentation. In addition to these improvements, the study found an increase in skin hydration, pore size, and intensity of dark circles; stronger joints; and a decrease in chronic joint pain after 90 days of daily consumption.

Is it safe to take Freezeceutics collagen for a long period of time?

Yes, it is and it is also recommended. To achieve the best results, consume Freezeceutics daily to help rebuild and protect your skin, hair, nails, and joints from the inside. Our recommendation is to use it for a longer duration if your lifestyle or profession tends to cause skin damage (such as working outdoors or under bright lights for long periods of time), for a nutritional boost.

Does vegetarian or vegan collagen exist?

Natural vegetarian sources of collagen are not available since collagen is an animal protein. A collagen builder or a collagen booster is a marketing term used to promote products containing no collagen peptides and, therefore, do not provide the proven health benefits of collagen.

Is it compatible with other Freezeceutics products?

Yes, every one of our products works well both separately and in conjunction.

Is biotin an important component of Freezeceutics?

It stimulates the growth of hair follicles by stimulating keratin production in hair.

If I miss a dose, what should I do?

Please take the next dose according to the schedule. Avoid doubling the next dose in order to make up for the missed one.

Is collagen a good supplement for my joints?

Collagen, a tough tissue found in cartilage, protects our joints and allows our bones to move smoothly against one another. Studies have shown that collagen supplements can reduce joint discomfort and ease osteoarthritis symptoms.

Can collagen be taken during pregnancy and nursing?
It is always best to consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplements during pregnancy and while nursing, even though collagen is safe for consumption during this period.
Is collagen safe for kids?

We recommend kids 13 and above consume collagen, more importantly if your child is an athlete and plays any sport. A serving of collagen per 50 pounds of body weight is recommended. Even if the child weighs less than 50 pounds, a full serving is still great! 

Are there any adverse effects to taking collagen supplements?

This completion varies from one body type to another. Please avoid if you have any allergies to our active ingredients and seafood. Apart from that, it is absolutely safe for consumption and does not have any side effects.

What is the difference between combining collagen peptides in hot and cold liquid? Is hot liquid harmful to collagen peptides?

There isn’t any difference apart from your taste preference. You can consume it hot or cold, but for best taste we recommend it be consumed with cold or room temperature water.

Is collagen halal?

Yes it is. Freezeceutics collagen supplement is made of marine collagen, i.e., fish collagen.

Can people with existing ailments, diseases, and hormonal issues consume Freezeceutics collagen supplements?
As mentioned above, unless there is a shellfish or seafood allergy or any allergies to our active ingredients, it is absolutely safe for consumption as this is only an added supplement for overall health and well-being.
Do you need to consult a doctor or need a prescription to consume Freezeceutics collagen?

No, it is not required and is not mandatory. It is an over the counter health supplement.

How do I buy the product?

It is available with all leading cosmetologists and dermatologist and you can purchase directly via website and Instagram handle